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Come Together, Verify, Amplify!

Help the seeker, find the provider ..

Give Strength!

Talk and tell we are together in combating the very Corona Tsunami.

Save every breath.

Type that mobile number given in a pamphlet or that image .

Call those numbers and give verified leads that to a needy desperate attender looking for some right information , holding on hope to survive.

Tell them it’s all right , We shall check together .

This needy panicked attender could be from mumbai delhi banglore chennai jabalpur bareilly patna satna or mau..

Be that help force ready to serve and serve now.

Some might question If you are a hoarder and why shall they talk at all and be there for us, what if we become some sort of problem to them.

Be calm and be there any way because you are genuine.

You want to save life by verifying for a random needy during covid tsunami as this could go till end of may.

You may be at their service To check if there is enough Oxygen,To check empty and filled cylinders,Oxygen concentrators, Remdesivirs, Tocilizumabs,Fabi Flues, Oxy Beds
Or ICUs.

Just ask Sir, Mam ,
May we give your contact to the needy man looking for services provided by you.

Read that google doc.
Download that PDF.
Check Covid19-Twitter ,
Covid resources ,
Insta and Latest Filter
out their in india covid help groups

Indian poor and rich citizen equally are seeking help for their dying loving members of their family.

Remeber people cannot think when they panic they go on stressing in a room, sometimes crying helplessly.

Help help help that’s all we can do.

There may be examples of people who are trying to sell a oxygen concentrator at 3.5 lac and Plasma in 1 lac we cannot control . Doing black markets , hoarding . What can we do, spread the word about righteousness and leave rest to the system.

What we can really do is
Come together

Pragya Mishra

The link that I mostly use to verify covid resources is :


Group that I have joined on FB

India Covid Help Group by Shashank Garg