We are ugly as well as beautiful at the same time. Portrayal of our personalities changes depending upon our encounter with kind of people we meet and places we visit. There is nothing like true nature because every body is loved by somebody. Behaviour is relative, may be that is why relatives are made fun of when it comes to behave. I wonder, do we think if we are ourselves well behaved as a relative?.

We accuse , unnecessarily advise , carry out unending analysis paralysis out of a situation that demands to be left as is. Why does a loved one loses relevance in someone’s life for whom, once they were very important , and almost centre of their universe at some point in time. Were they demanding, or nagging, or asking too many questions having no roots in reality, giving too less time or were they making assumptions, creating facts out of fiction or it was just a trauma of explaining truthfulness in a distant relationship.

Whatever be the root cause analysis , there are moments we lose sanity , in many of us the social subsides and the animal takes over , this animal only wants to beat around the bush, it doesn’t seek a solution at all , because all it wants to linger the fights, it’s a ghost of damp and dirty closet filled with unturned torn clothes.It stretches dilemmas as long as it can , so much so that it becomes a chewing gum of hatred resulting into bubble gums of verbal abuse and one does not know when to stop and throw it away into a dustbin. It’s a mind game.


Pragya Mishra